Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber Recipes

You may think of cucumber as a bit of a bland, boring member of the of the gourd family (squash, melon, cucumber, pumpkin) of fruit — but with a few simple tips and tricks, as well as a few innovative recipes, you can transform it into a tasty meal that's healthy and delicious. We've got plenty of cucumber recipes below, from a creamy blue cheese and cucumber salad recipe to a hot and spicy Sichuan cucumber recipe.

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About Cucumbers:

Melons are from the same family of foods as the cucumber, which may go some way to explaining why they go so well together! Take a look at the recipes above for a melon and cucumber smoothie recipe that is perfect for when you want a healthy breakfast — we've also got a super refreshing cucumber lemonade recipe as well as a naughty but nice cucumber mojito recipe.

You also shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that you can just eat cucumbers cold — we have a delicious pasta recipe that you can enjoy cold or warm depending on preferences. And for those who aren't fans of pickled cucumbers or gherkins, think again — we have two pickled cucumber recipes that are delicious but that are also easy, and they taste so much better than ready-made!

Top tip: to stop cucumbers from being watery, deseed them by slicing in half lengthways and then scoop out the seeds using a spoon. Dry them a little by sprinkling with salt and then pat with kitchen towel before using, and you should notice that they are less watery and you can also prepare recipes in advance as they won't cause your food to be watery.

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